Post-Black Progressive Metallers Asira Want You to Explore “The Crucible of Light”


Oh, lordy… here comes another band that explores several avenues of metal and can’t be classified without a string of words that make no sense to anyone but the metal community! That being said, as far as “post-blackened ambient progressive death metal” groups go, Asira aren’t bad. Not bad at all.

Bands that are promoted as “ignoring genre conventions” often end up trying to cram too much into each track, and it ends up being disappointing or overly conceited. Asira are anything but; their debut track “Crucible of Light” explores several avenues of metal while remaining firmly rooted in post-black.

“Crucible of Light” jumps from a tightly packed cacophony of quickly picked chords accompanied by sweeping bass lines reminiscent of Between the Buried and Me, to a wall of mid-tempo melodic chugs that would make Devin Townsend swoon. It’s amazing how well they can take inspiration from other bands and apply it in a different way that sounds wholly their own while still paying tribute to the source. I’m not saying the track is perfect, but it definitely left me intrigued.

We’ll see what Asira are really capable of when their album Efference comes out on April 7th. If you’re interested you can check out the band’s Bandcamp page right here, or give ’em a like on Facebook.

You’ll find the embed for “Crucible of Light” below. Go ahead and click play.

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