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A Couple in Bolivia Named Their Baby “Iron Maiden”


MetalSucks reader Johnny R. sent in this juicy piece of info: it seems someone in his home country of Bolivia decided to name their child after Iron Maiden. Take a look:

The photo features a birth certificate of a baby, full name Iron Maiden Duran Ruiz, who was born on February 2nd, 2017 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the region’s capital city which sits just east of the Andes Mountains. I’d love to know what the parents are like.

The photo’s description translates to “Only in Bolivia.” Guess that’s true, since I can’t imagine anyone getting named Iron Maiden here in the States. But you never know: the 2016 unusual child naming trends in our country are steering towards colors and virtues (Honesti? Honestly?), although we’re still pretty far away from naming kids after metal bands or medieval torture methods. Maybe 2017 will bring Megadeath Michaels, or Slipknot Stevens. I feel like making it alliterative would help give it that boost.

Thanks for the fun bit of info, Johnny!

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