Jared Dines on Suicide Silence: “I Really Don’t Want to Fight Their Drummer, But…”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Having already shared his distaste for “Doris,” Jared Dines has now made a video reacting to Suicide Silence’s latest single, “Silence,” and, uh, yeah, it’s not much kinder. Just as he objected to Eddie Hermida opening the “Doris” chorus with a high note, he objects to the semi-moaned word “Oh” being Hermida’s first word here; later, he implies that Hermida is a drunk upper-class Englishman, a joke which, honestly, is over my head.

The weirdest part comes near the end, though, when Dines basically offers to throw fists with Suicide Silence drummer Alex Lopez. According to Rock Feed, “The SS drummer has been quite aggressive with fans online who don’t like their new direction.” I haven’t seen any of that, but I’m not exactly closely monitoring Lopez or Suicide Silence on social media. But even if it’s true, I think Dines’ videos are probably more effective with regards to making his point than beating and/or getting beaten by another human being, right?

Meanwhile, Thy Art is Murder have responded to Hermida’s recent kinda mean comment about the band failing to “save deathcore” by “writ[ing] the same song they wrote on their last record” with this hat:


Which is exactly as clever as you’d expect it to be coming from Thy Art is Murder. The band should just change their name to ‘Thy Art is Lowest Common Denominator.”

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