Thy Art is Murder’s CJ McMahon Calls Volumes’ Gus Farias a Not Nice Name That Rhymes with “Runt”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Boy, Volumes guitarist Gus Farias is just making friends left and right these days.

After recently going a Twitter rampage against former Volumes co-vocalist Michael Barr, some fans stepped forward and alleged that Farias had accepted money to provide a guest appearance on their bands’ album and never delivered. Although Farias himself has remained mum on the subject, Volumes have offered to pay these fans back, which is basically an admission of guilt.

The reporting of this last story on our buddy Brian Storm’s Rock Feed apparently caught the eye of C.J. McMahon, the North Face-loving vocalist who recently returned to Thy Art is Murder:


Wow. I haven’t heard McMahon use such strong language since he was complaining about the catering on Mayhem Fest.

Kidding aside, hopefully Farias doesn’t soon find himself at odds with every deathcore/Sumeriancore/whatevercore band out there. The Volumes wouldn’t have anyone left to tour with. Which would be terrible. Not for me. But I’m sure someone would be upset.

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