Thy Art is Murder Guitarist Says They Will Never Utilize Clean Singing


Among the revelations in a recent interview between Metal Wani and Thy Art is Murder guitarist Andy Marsh [via Blabbermouth]:

  • They’ve finished writing a new album
  • They don’t actually hate Suicide Silence; they “applaud” their move into new territory, and “can definitely see what they’re trying to do from an artist point of view,” but they understand why fans are angry
  • They now own a minority stake in Northface, who will be the exclusive outfitter of all of their upcoming tours

Maybe I made one of those up. But all that’s trivial, of course, up against Marsh’s comments on whether or not the band will ever venture into using clean vocals like their pals across the Pacific:

“Never. That’s one avenue that is definitely not open to our band. Not for any kind of limitation in terms of ability, but, I mean, that’s our own restrictions. If we want to start a band that was going to play a different style of music, we would have another band for that. We’ve all played in other bands in different genres — hardcore, post-hardcore rock bands — so we have the ability to do that. We have the enjoyment that we get from that genre of music, but we have no need to put that into Thy Art is Murder. We just want to refine our sound, evolve, just slowly perfect what it is what we focus on and what we want to do. So, no clean vocals for us.”

So, in other words, the world’s most mediocre deathcore band has no intentions of pushing themselves to be anything other than a mediocre deathcore band.

Hey, I guess if it ain’t broke…

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