Unsigned and Unholy: Hyborian, Wolf King, Søndag


In a world in which Mastodon just stuck to the rock and never futzed with all that prog stuff, they might’ve ended up sounding something like Hyborian. You like giant-sized, fuzzed out, hard-hitting riffs, right? With a thrashy dose of High on Fire, perhaps? And memorable songs? Then I suspect Hyborian: Volume I, the band’s debut album, will be for you; it comes out on March 17th.

Wolf King occupy that nexus of hardcore and death metal that’s become hot of late; think Nails, Trap Them, etc. Their own brand leans a little more on the hardcore side, which lends them a ferocity that’s absolutely infectious. Check out “Deathless” from their new EP Into the Infinite.

Søndag describe their music as “low-tuned rock,” which is accurate; you might be hard-pressed to call it metal, in the purest sense, although it certainly has metal elements in it. Think about what a combination of Clutch, Soundgarden and Baroness might sound like, and you’re close. Check out their latest album Bright Things below.

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