Yob Fans Raise Over $27,000 for Mike Scheidt’s Medical Fund


Following emergency surgery for diverticulitis, a severe infection of the digestive tract, Yob guitarist Mike Scheidt found himself staring at a mounting stack of bills. Though he’s one of a lucky few musicians who have health insurance, Scheidt’s policy won’t cover the entire cost of the procedure and its follow-up (scheduled for March), nor will it cover all the life expenses he’s facing as a result of not being able to tour.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched for Scheidt to raise money for his cause, and to date 771 people have chipped in more than $27,000 in less than six days. Incredible!

To say Scheidt himself is grateful for the massive outpouring of support would be an understatement. Here are a few words he offered via an update on the GoFundMe page:

“We reached our Gofundme goal in three days time. In short, it is miraculous. This is what you have given me: I will be able to deal with my doctor’s bills. I will be able to recover at a healthy pace, without worry about how I’m going to survive. Thanks to this, along with the upcoming benefit show in Portland March 16th with Red Fang, Danava, and Norska, I will be able to afford my medications, rent, and other bills while I am laid up, and into full recovery.

“You have made me feel loved and supported, astonishingly so. I will be able to continue to work on writing the new YOB album, my new solo album, and also a couple of surprises that are yet to be revealed, all of which were and are solidly coming into focus.

“Before this hospitalization happened, I was playing guitar daily, fired up and fully inspired. Now, I will have even more to bring to the music. Immeasurably more. In part due to my near death experience. In part due to this journey of healing, and the lessons both the NDE and healing have to teach. I will have more to bring to this new music and to my life in general, because of you and all that you have given me.

“I’ve said my gratitude reaches to the sky and back. My gratitude to you also runs deep into my bones and beyond. Some of these times have been the absolute worst of my life. Other parts, the ones I will carry with me from here forward, have paradoxically been some of the greatest, most transformational experiences of my life. I will carry these lessons forward, and do my very best to rise to the potential they hold.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

“Sincerely Yours, Mike Scheidt”

The metal community bands together to help one of our brothers in need once again. Well done, everyone!

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