Hate Guitar Center? Here are Some Brilliant Ways to Troll them.


I don’t think anyone really likes Guitar Center. Musicians that go there usually do so because it’s the only option. But when you’re standing around waiting for help or staring at the newest line of cheapo 7-string ‘tars because you just have to djent and there’s an acne-ridden teen with a GC badge on his Pink Floyd tee that’s ignoring you or giving you grief, it can turn an already sour experience even more rotten.

We’ve all been there. If it wasn’t a GC then it was at a Sam Ash or a Music & Arts. Regardless, the folks over at Paranormal Guitar have decided to arm you with the ability to strike back. Now you too can troll the poor wage slaves over at “The Center” with the greatest of ease.

Some of these are actually pretty amazing, while others I feel will drive employees and other customers alike to the point of madness. I guess that’s the telltale sign of a good troll, though — acceptable casualties.

Check out the video below and let us know if you’ve got any tried and true methods of pissing off employees at your local GC.

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