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Inauthentic Taylor Swift Loves Authentic Veil of Maya


Y’all seen this photo making the rounds on the net recently? People are bugging out because it appears that Taylor Swift is the latest not-remotely-metal celebrity to appropriate metal culture, following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and all eighty-seven Kardashians.


Okay but here’s the thing though: that ain’t Taylor Swift. It’s April Gloria, a cosplayer who just so happens to look an awful lot like Taylor Swift. So if you were pissed that Taylor Swift would DARE to wear a metal band’s shirt, chill the fuck out. And if you were stoked that Taylor Swift would DEIGN to wear a metal band’s shirt, cue sad trombone. You’ll just to settle for almost literally every other goddamn walking breathing piece of tabloid fodder. Bummer, I know.

[via Rock Feed]

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