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New Shit That Rules Alert! Thrash Along with Hellwitch’s “Megalopalyptic Confine”



Man, if there’s ever been a time when the title says it all, it’s right now. Florida-based death/thrash/grind veterans Hellwitch released a new track today that has had me banging my head to the point of shattering my own teeth. The tune is called “Magalopalyptic Confine,” and it’s bursting at the seams with grind-y, death-y amazeballs.

If the utterly amazing guitar work doesn’t reel you in, the song’s structure just might. It’s laid out so perfectly that it didn’t give my neck a chance to rest. There’s a lead that dives in like a dropkick at the twelve-second mark setting the pace for the rest of the tune as it blazes forward, igniting everything in its path. Sprinkle a liberal dose of awesome vocals and some drum work that sounds as vicious as the guitar parts, and you’ve got a serious recipe for success. To top it all off there’s an absolutely kicks ass two-part solo starting at the 1:55 mark that had me air-guitaring like a fucking ape on steroids.

Hellwitch is getting ready to release their 7″ EP At Rest tomorrow (2/24) via Pulverized Records. If you wanna pre-order it, you can do so right here. I already have.

In case you didn’t already know the routine, the track is embedded below.



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