Disturbed Working on Acoustic EP


If you’re long most people, you’ve long subscribed to the theory that only one thing is truly holding Disturbed back from greatness: electric guitars. If only “Down with the Sickness” and “Stupify” and “Stricken” had been acoustic, then, surely, these poor dudes could crawl out from the underground and into the warmth of the spotlight.

So you’ll probably be thrilled to read this quote from a recent rockantenne.de interview with David Draiman (via The PRP):

“Well, the plan at this particular point in time is to take a little bit of time off, spend some time with our families, get some personal stuff done. We have an acoustic EP that we’re working on. That’s something we’ve wanted to do for years that we just never had the time or the opportunity to. So that we’ll be working on in between our LP releases.”

Draiman doesn’t say whether the EP will be re-worked versions of other Disturbed songs, Unplugged style, or include fresh material, GN’R Lies style. But I’d put money on the former being the case. It seems like too neat of a coincidence that the band have “wanted to do [this] for years” but is finally getting around to immediately after their cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” became a hit. Assuming this was indeed the fire lit under the band’s ass, you’d probably expect them to play it safe by using already-popular songs.

We’re sure the suspense is killing you, though, so we’ll let you know the moment more information becomes available. Until then, deep breaths.

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