Nine Inch Nails Make Dirt Now


When Trent Reznor released Nine Inch Nails’ underwhelming new EP, Not the Actual Events, in December, he did so digitally, of course, but he naturally also offered fans the chance to buy a limited edition “physical component.” Thing is, he was never clear about what that physical component was; fans may have understandably assumed it was a CD or vinyl, or, who knows, maybe they were hoping for a lock of Trent Reznor’s hair.

In any case, what they got what was lyric sheets and dirt.

Apparently, the “physical component” arrives in a black envelope with this warning:


Inside the envelope, according to this fan, you will find “a stack of thick card stock papers that have the lyrics for the songs in order of the album”… and at some point, you will realize that “Dark smudges begin to form and spread over the contents of the envelope and across your hands.” Apparently, the envelope and its contents contain some kind of soot.

So by the time you’re done examining the contents of the envelope, “your handling of all of the cards leaves them each personally imprinted with your fingerprints.”

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So that’s… uh… original.

Look I appreciate the effort but it seems like this is basically NIN’s version of the old prank where you someone to look through a telescope with black make-up on the eyehole. Like, “Aw, Trent, you got me! I gave you twelve bucks and you gave me dirty hands and lyric sheets with my finger prints on them!” I’m just kinda baffled why fans think this is cool, other than that they worship Reznor (and I say that as someone who worships Reznor). I feel like if the soot turns out to be anthrax dyed black, the fans will still be into this. “Aw, Trent, you got me AGAIN! I gave you twelve bucks and you murdered me, you scamp! GENIUS!!!”

[via The PRP]

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