Lemmy Kilmister’s Estate Was Worth Way Less Than Expected


By the time Lemmy died he was a friggin’ icon. In the final years of his life his health became a major storyline, further elevating his status to “legendary,” and, as is so often the case, when a famous rock n’ roller dies his life was celebrated endlessly.

But what people forget is that Motorhead were never really that successful. They were well-known, sure, and they had a consistent career, but they were very much a working-class band. Lemmy toured through his 60s because he fucking had to, not necessarily because he wanted to (although surely he wanted to as well — the guy was rock n’ roll itself).

And now that fact has presented itself in a stark, and somewhat sad, reality: the London probate office has finished calculating the value of Lemmy’s estate and determined it to be worth approximately £528,806. The initial estimate of Lemmy’s net worth made at the time of his death was around £6.75 million (roughly $8.28 million).

Why there was such a huge discrepancy in those figures isn’t clear; The Mirror, which broke the story, simply stated “it seems his estimated £6.75million fortune has gone missing.” “Gone missing” is an awfully weighted term with all sorts of nefarious implications; more likely, Lemmy simply didn’t have as many assets, or had more debt, than initially thought. He lived in a rental apartment in West Hollywood for more than two decades up until the time of his death.

Lemmy’s son Paul Inder is believed to be the beneficiary of his estate, which includes any royalties earned after his death. It is believed that Lemmy also had another son who was adopted.

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