Emmure Sold 60% More Albums First Week Than Suicide Silence


If you want proof that metal fans really, really hate change, look no further than the first week sales numbers of the recent albums by Suicide Silence and Emmure.

Suicide Silence had an infamously rough first week of their self-titled album — which came out last month — selling just 4,650 copies, a 70% drop from their previous effort. That’s what happens when metal bands do shocking things like take risks and pursue their desires to expand creatively! Tsk tsk.

Meanwhile the first-week numbers just came out for Emmure’s new one Look At Yourself, and the final tally sits at 7,414 units shifted, 60% more than Suicide Silence. What’s more, this is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT BAND outside of singer Frankie Palmeri than the one that recorded their last effort, Eternal Enemies. That album sold 6,400 first week copies, meaning the new one beat it out by a good margin. Their 2011 release Speaker of the Dead sold 10,500 copies first week.

Two bands, essentially in the same genre. One keeps a consistent lineup for years, decides to go in a new (and all things considered not that radical) direction, and is completely rejected by fans. The other swaps out every single member that plays an actual instrument, the new guys emulate the style of the old ones, and they’re rewarded with extreme loyalty and even more success.

This is the state of metal in 2017. What the fuck.

At least we’ll always have this:

[via Rock Feed and Lambgoat]

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