The New Steel Panther Song Has “Got What You Want”


The video for Steel Panther’s new song, “I Got What You Want,” is pretty much a dead-on parody of the old ’80s glam “life on the road”-style videos, where there’s a bunch of inexplicable slo-mo and footage of the band appearing to have a great time all the time always without fail ever while on tour (e.g., Warrant’s “Heaven” video). It’s hard to satirize those kinds of videos because they’re already so goofy, so the clip is not as funny as some of Steel Panther’s past videography. That being said, the song is great, and there’s a bit early on with the band walking down a hall which is pretty great. I don’t know if that one joke would have sustained an entire video, but it would have been funny to see the band try.

ANYWAY, check out “I Got What You Want” below. Steel Panther’s new album, Lower the Bar, comes out March 24 on Kobalt. Pre-order it here.

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