Danny Worsnop Doesn’t Want to be a “Legal Member” of Asking Alexandria


The business of being in a band is tough — just ask any of the myriad musician who’ve quit bands because they weren’t satisfied with the way money was distributed.

This is especially true with big-time acts like Asking Alexandria who, despite still cranking out generic fifth generation metalcore, are immensely successful and show no signs of slowing down, especially not with original vocalist Danny Worsnop back in the fold as of this past fall.

But Worsnop wishes to remain at arm’s length from the band business-wise this time around. Which makes sense: with his solo country music career and burgeoning film ambitions, he wants to maintain the flexibility of being a free agent and doesn’t want to become ensnared in interpersonal band drama.

Loudwire picked up this interview with Finland’s Kaaos TV (below) in which Worsnop explains:

“I don’t have any interest in becoming a legal member again, just ’cause there’s so many, at that point, complications with my writing with my album and with Harlot and with other people I work with and my movie schedule. At that point, everything becomes very political, and I’d rather it just remain being fun.

“It’s better for us that way, ’cause we can, as a group of dudes and as Danny Worsnop and Asking Alexandria, we can respectfully organize things rather than everyone trying to step on each other’s toes and everyone trying to be the most important thing. This way, we can just be, like, ‘Okay, you’re busy then. We’re booking stuff here, ’cause you have nothing going on,’ and vice versa.”

In other words, Worsnop will be paid and treated as a hired gun. While that makes sense in the short term given his other commitments, if those projects peter out and Asking Alexandria remains his sole course of income he may come to regret this decision… but we shall see.

You can all go back to not caring about Asking Alexandria now. Sorry to bother.

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