Suicide Silence Issue Apology for Latest Album: “We Know We Fucked Up”



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that the reception to Suicide Silence’s new, self-titled album has been, er, less than enthusiastic (I mean, we like it, but we seem to be in the minority). The band has repeatedly attempted to defend the record to its fans; nonetheless, sales for Suicide Silence have been lackluster when compared to sales for their previous albums.

Now there’s been a shocking turn of events — the band has stopped trying to defend the album and, instead, issued an apology via their Facebook page. The apology reads, in part:

“We know we fucked up. Everyone from our managers to our label reps to our significant others to our personal trainers told us this album would be a disaster, and we didn’t listen to any of them. We had this whole cock and bull story about following our artistic blah blah blah, but the truth is, we were just too proud to admit we were wrong.

“We currently have tour dates scheduled through mid-July. We intend to honor these commitments. However, the moment we’re off the road, we’re heading back into the studio to make a new EP, which will be entitled The Extenuation. It will be out by the end of the year. We’ve already written all the music for this EP and we can promise you it sounds more or less exactly like You Can’t Stop Me. We think you’ll all be pleased.”

So this is really amazing. Bands don’t usually apologize for albums, and if they do, it’s years and years after that album’s release (see: Celtic Frost and Cold Lake). This may be historic.

Read the band’s entire statement here. The album art for The Extenuation is below.


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