Asking Alexandria Fan Claims Danny Worsnop Told Her He Has “No Time for Such Shit” When She Asked for a Hug

  • Axl Rosenberg

Danny Worsnop is not a humble man. We know this because… well, for a lot of reasons, but the most damning remains the first chapter to his never-finished memoirs, which he released online back in 2012. In those writings, Worsnop noted “how fucking important my being alive” is “to so many people,” called himself “the physical embodiment of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll,” claimed to be a rockstar even though he is not a rockstar (quick: go stop ten random people on the street and ask if they know who Danny Worsnop is), and said that “most” people are “unimportant and insignificant.” The dude clearly thinks he’s God’s gift.

Which is why I wasn’t exactly shocked to read this Asking Alexandria fan’s account of a recent meeting with Worsnop  (via Rock Feed):


Naturally, Worsnop has denied the fan’s story:

While the world attempted to figure how someone could mishear the phrase “Sorry, I don’t have time right now” for “No sorry no time for such shit,” Worsnop cited this supposed misunderstanding as a violation of his personal life:

Which makes no sense. The incident in question took place at a signing. How is that not part of Worsnop’s professional life? How would making his socials “for career only” have prevented this from happening? It’s not really clear what the what Worsnop thinks this has to do with anything.

The fan, of course, is sticking to her story:

Ben Bruce, for his part, has yet to comment.

So we don’t really know who’s telling the truth here. But Worsnop did a piss poor job defending himself. Put another way: he might not be guilty, but he’s certainly behaving like someone who is guilty, isn’t he?

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