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Baroness are Working on a New Album


Baroness released Purple at the very end of 2015, after which they toured a whole lot (and continue to do so). So it’s probably time for them to start thinking about their next album, right?

Right. In an interview with Metal Hammer, frontman/guitarist John Baizley said this about the follow-up to perhaps their most successful album yet:

“We’ve started writing a few tunes that we’re working on. The really cool thing now is that Sebastian and Nick have been in the band long enough that they understand what we do.

“Preparing for Roadburn we had to learn some really old songs and in doing so they gained an understanding of that era of our band.

“They’re now interested in maybe incorporating some of those elements in some way. We just want to write better songs.”

Baroness will tour Europe for the month of June, meaning any recording sessions would need to wait until July — and that’s assuming they finish writing all the material by then, which is no small order. So at the very earliest we’re probably looking at a late 2017 release here, taking into account time for recording, mixing, mastering and the usual two-to-three month promo cycle that precedes any album release. And that’s the best-case scenario if all the writing is done by July… more than likely it’ll be until 2018 before we have a new album in our hands.

Still: exciting news! Baroness have worked their way up to become one of the biggest and best bands going in metal today — they’ve transcended metal now, really — and anything they release is sure to be a big deal.

We’ll let you know more as soon as we do.

[via The PRP]

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