Adema Have Reunited with Jonathan Davis’ Younger Half-Brother and Now Everything is Right with the World

  • Axl Rosenberg

Once upon a time, Adema were “famous” for their lead singer, Marky Chavez, who is their Spider-One. By which I mean, he’s the younger half-brother of a much more famous vocalist — in this case, Jonathan Davis. Having incubated in the same womb as the Korn frontman was sufficient reason enough for MTV and radio to shove Adema down the public’s throat with such force as to score one minor hit in 2001:

But then Chavez left the band, and they became “famous” not for any of their members sharing DNA with someone else people actually care about, but for having what is surely one of the worst album covers of all time:

Adema - Topple the Giants

WOOF! That is a dog with fleas.

But now Adema can go back to being famous for having a member who emerged from the same birth canal as someone who did something with his life — because Chavez has returned to the fold! I guess he finally got tired of operating a toll booth or picking up trash by the side of the road or whatever he’s been doing for the past sixteen years.

From Adema’s Facebook page:

“Hey everyone!

“We are happy to announce that the original ‘classic’ ADEMA lineup of Kris Kohls, Mike Ransom, Dave DeRoo, Tim Fluckey, and YES – MARKY CHAVEZ is in fact, REUNITED!!! (And it feels so good!) you can catch us live at the World-Famous Whiskey a go-go Wednesday May 24th!!! Writing and recording a new record soon! The Magic is back!”

Wow. The members of this band have seriously low expectations with regards to what constitutes “magic.”

Well, at least now we know Mario Maglieri‘s cause of death. You’d probably kick the bucket rather than watch this band play at venue you own, too.

[via Metal Injection]

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