Dino Cazares Denies Fear Factory Break-Up Rumors (Sort Of)


Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares has tacitly denied rumors that the band is breaking up.

The gossip spread across the web yesterday after the band’s former bassist, Christian Olde Wolbers, claimed the group was disbanding on social media. Lending some credence to Wolbers’ assertion were the facts that Cazares is working on a solo album and the band pulled out of Danzig’s Blackest of the Black festival just a day after being announced. Still, we encouraged you to take Wolbers’ claim with a grain of salt until the band, or at least a current member of the band, had made some kind of comment.

Well, a current member has now made some comments, all of which imply that Fear Factory is still open for business. When a fan on Twitter asked Cazares “You guys still a band? Saw a rant by Christian on IG earlier,” Cazares replied:

When another fan asked why Wolbers is being “salty,” Cazares said:

Then yet another fan expressed confusion as to why anyone would listen to a former member of the band concerning the band’s present state, to which Dino responded:

It’s worth noting that none of these answers are an explicit denial… but they certainly don’t seem like the words of a guy whose band is breaking up.

Discuss in the comments section below while we wait for more intel.

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