Madness Has All That Remains’ Lowest First Week Sales in Thirteen Years

  • Axl Rosenberg

All That Remains’ new album, Madness, sold approximately 9,700 copies in its first week to land at number fifty on the Billboard 200. That’s really impressive! Lots of metal bands would kill for those kind of numbers. All That Remains’ members should definitely celebrate with a round of attacking blog editors using slurs against minorities, or whatever it is they do to celebrate.

They should absolutely not be bugged by the fact that this is a fifty-one percent decline in first-week sales from their last album, The Order of Things.

They should definitely not lie awake at night allowing it to eat at them that, as Lambgoat reports, “The results represent All That Remains’ lowest first-week sales tally since [2004’s This Darkened Heart], and their lowest chart debut since [2006’s The Fall of Ideals].”

And whatever they do, above all else, they should not fret that this may represent a backlash against Phil Labonte really leaning into being a putz these past few years (in the words of Peter Quill: “What is your goal here? To get everybody to hate you? ‘Cause it’s working.”).

After all, Madness was a surprise release, so it’s not like the band really properly promot–

Oh. Wait. That was Avenged Sevenfold.

But still. All That Remains should be proud. Sales figures don’t really matter, because they’re punk rock, right?

For the record, here are the first week sales and chart positions of the past five All That Remains releases:

Overcome (2008) — 29,000, #16
For We Are Many (2010) — 29,000, #10
A War You Cannot Win (2012) — 25,000, #13
The Order of Things (2015) — 19,000, #25
Madness (2017) – 9,700, #50

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