Latest Summer Slaughter 2017 Rumors: Oceano and Slaughter to Prevail


The annual parade of teases revealing the bands set to appear on this year’s incarnation of Summer Slaughter continues today, after the tour’s organizers hinted last week that The Black Dahlia Murder and Dying Fetus would anchor the bill.

The latest not-so-subtle hints, via Facebook:

“woke up this morning..looked out the window.. and coulda sworn i saw ascendants in the aftermath of a chronic slaughter.”

We can’t blame you for not knowing those references off the top of your head, but Metal Injection tells us that Ascendants is the title of Oceano’s new album, and “Chronic Slaughter” is a song by Slaughter To Prevail. The two bands are already on tour together right now.

Look: as with every edition of Summer Slaughter, ya got yer good and yer bad. The Black Dahlia Murder and Dying Fetus are excellent choices to top up the bill, while Oceano… well, you know how we feel. I don’t have any horses in the Slaughter to Prevail race as of yet, and I missed them on last year’s Summer Slaughter, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how that one turns out. Both bands make sense as choices for Summer Slaughter, though; I get why they were chosen.

Meanwhile, here’s to hoping the middle of the bill ends up being filled with bands we feel mediocre about. That’d be fitting, right?

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