Pentagram to Tour Europe without Bobby Liebling, Who is in Some Kind of Legal Trouble


Last month Pentagram were forced to play four shows without frontman Bobby Liebling. The band released a bizarrely worded statement at the time explaining Liebling’s absence that directly contradicted itself, stating, “Due to circumstances that are beyond anyone’s control, that are a direct result of Bobby Liebling’s personal actions,” before mentioning a rehab facility to which Liebling would be headed without any explanation.

Today there’s a new wrinkle, and another strange statement from the band: while explaining that Pentagram will tour Europe without Liebling this summer, the band alludes to charges Liebling is facing as if we already knew he were in legal trouble. Um, what?

Check it out for yourself:

“Bobby called on April 17 saying he had been admitted to the hospital. He called again on April 19, this time after being transferred to a Maryland detention facility. He’s now awaiting a preliminary hearing at which time it will be determined if a follow-up on any alleged charges are necessary. An update will be published when information is available. The band will be fulfilling all currently booked appearances with 36-year mainstay guitarist Victor Griffin performing all vocals.”

So, to recap: Bobby was in rehab, or perhaps just the hospital for some undisclosed illness, but was then transferred to a detention facility for an unknown crime where he is now awaiting a hearing. Is anyone following this? What in the fuck just happened?

European fans concerned about his absence should check out this footage of the Liebling-less Pentagram in Baltimore last month; they sound great! So for the time being let’s devote all of our worry to Bobby: we sure hope he’s doing OK.

[via Blabbermouth]

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