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Metallica Promises to Play in Space


When Hardwired was released this past November, MetalSucks did a silly pictorial called ‘Metallica Through the Ages.’ It included this dumb gag:

1969: Successful completion of the 'Master of Moon Landings' Tour.
1969: Successful completion of the ‘Master of Moon Landings’ Tour.

As it turns out, though, Metallica really would like to play a show someplace beyond the limits of Earth. Lars Ulrich tells

“Living in San Francisco which is the gateway to the future, obviously all those things are being planned around San Francisco to a degree so I feel that we are close to that as we can be.

“There’s a few feelers out to a few people – nothing worth giving away yet. The headline ‘Metallica promises to play in space’ can certainly be derived out of this wishy-washy answer!”

“I don’t really want to commit to anything,” Ulrich quickly added, presumably because he wants to see what kind of guarantees the band will be offered.

Kidding aside, if anything like this ever happens, I have to imagine it’s a long, long way off. That being said, if any band were to play Space, it would make sense that it was Metallica. They are, after all, the only band to have played all seven continents on our current planet in under a year.

On the other hand, Martians have already been rocking out to Anthrax for years, Maybe the billing order for The Big Four is different in space.

[via Metal Injection]

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