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River Black (ex-Burnt By the Sun, Revocation) Release Another Ripping New Track


The first track we heard from River Black’s debut album, “Low,” was an absolute ripper… and their latest jam, “#Victim” is no different.

Quick catch-up if you’re just tuning in: the band consists of guitarist John Adubato (ex-Burnt by the Sun), bassist Brett Bamberger (Revocation, ex-East of the Wall), drummer Dave Witte (Municipal Waste, ex-Burnt by the Sun, every band ever) and vocalist Mike Olender (ex-Burnt by the Sun). Those four minus Olender were all previously in Argonauts together along with ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Dimitri Minakakis, until Minakakis’s departure in 2012 effectively ended that band.

So here’s the latest. “Absolute ripper” may actually be an understatement: this track rips open your torso, pulls out your guts, runs them through a grinder and eats them for dinner. Old school Burnt by the Sun fans are gonna love it.

River Black will come out in July on a record label whose bands we usually refrain from writing about, but these guys are our homies, gotta support.

[via Ghost Cult Mag]

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