The Motörhead Video Game Has Arrived


It’s been so long since the Motörhead video game was announced that I completely forgot there was even going to be a Motörhead video game.

But there is a Motörhead video game! And it’s been released! It’s called Motörhead Through the Ages, and it’s actually part the ‘Overkill Edition’ of a different game, Victor Vran. See what they did there? Motörhead? Overkill? Get it?

ANYHOO, here’s a trailer for the game if you wanna see what it’s like:

You can buy the game here. Depending on how much money you wanna spend, there are various special editions which include assorted knick-knacks, the coolest of which is a metal box with Snaggletooth on it (perfect for storing weed, other stuff, or weed!), the weirdest of which is a photo of Lemmy hanging out with Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman. Yeah I don’t know why anyone would that either, I’m just saying, it’s on the menu.


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