Noisem Loses 3/5ths of Their Members

  • Axl Rosenberg

Noisem’s meteoric rise in the world of extreme music appears to have hit a little snag… specifically, that most of their members just quit the band as the result of “quite a few points of contention.”

Remaining members Sebastian Phillips (guitars) and Harley Phillips (drums) broke the news on Facebook yesterday, along with the announcements that they’ve got a new album Cease to Exist in the can, and that Ben Anft, who was in the group when they were called Necropsy, is returning to the fold:

“After a fairly long hiatus, we’d like to fill everyone in on whats been going on. Due to quite a few points of contention we regret to announce the departure of Billy, Tyler and Yago from Noisem. In lieu of that, the original vocalist of Necropsy, Ben Anft (of Castle Freak) will be taking over both bass and vocal duties. We would like to announce our new album ‘Cease to Exist,’ has been recorded and we will be taking the next steps to get it out to all you crazy schmucks. It’s been a rough year or so for us, we are incredibly proud with how our new material has come out and we are beyond excited to get it out to all of you. Here is a short video of our set at Sidebar this past Sunday. Stayed tuned. Nothing but love and appreciation to all of our dedicated fans.”

Naturally, fans are going to wonder these “points of contention” were. We’ll see if departed members Yago Ventura (guitars) and Tyler and Billy Carnes (vocals and bass, respectively) release any statement of their own. I wouldn’t be surprised if the trio ended up launching their own project at some point, but who knows.

In the meantime… what does this mean for Noisem? I admit, I’m relieved that they finished their new record before these three split. I don’t know much about the behind-the-scenes creative process in Noisem, but it seems safer to assume that Cease to Exist will be good than to assume that Noisem can keep being awesome with an overhauled line-up. Although, who the heck knows, maybe the Phillipses are the driving creative force behind the group anyway.

Obviously, we’re gonna find out if we have reason to be concerned or not the hard way. Nothing to do now but wait and see…

[via Metal Insider]

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