Čad is Your New Favorite Slovakian Metal Band

  • Axl Rosenberg

Reader Peter Z. e-mailed us to implore we cover a band he called “the Slovakian Kvelertak”: Čad. Smart dude, that Peter Z.: his description of the band certainly piqued my interest.

Turned out, Peter Z. was not fucking around! Čad’s new album, Bastard, is sand-paper rough hardcore n’ roll that is indeed very much in the vein of Kvelertak. Between you and me, I also think it’s better than the last two Kvelertak albums. But no need to make this a competition; instead, let’s just all hope that someone wise and hardworking figures out a way to put together a Kvelertak/ Čad tour sometime soon.

Check out Bastard below. Once you’re in love with it, you can buy it here.

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