Tim Lambesis is Getting Ready to… Do Something


Last we heard about Tim Lambesis this past February was a double-whammy: not only had he been released from prison — a fact which had eluded the press for two entire months — but he and his new boobs were scheduled to get married to his longtime girlfriend, Amanda Dubord.

Now it seems as if Lambesis, who still owns the As I Lay Dying name and control’s the band’s web properties, is getting ready to do… something. Lambesis posted the sole word “activity” on the band’s Twitter and Facebook profiles late last night:


What kind of activity? We can only guess that he’s alluding to something musical — and we can speculate as to whether that would be under the As I Lay Dying moniker or not — but we can say with near certainty that whatever it is won’t involve any of his former bandmates, who’ve gone on to form the band Wovenwar since his incarceration and release two albums. The members of Wovenwar have spoken publicly over the past several years about their strained relationship with Lambesis, but even if they were able to make amends it’s unlikely they’d want to subject themselves to the taint of a convicted criminal.

Whatever Lambesis is planning, it’s sure to come with plenty of intrigue and controversy. We’ll keep you posted.

[via The PRP]

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