Enlarge Did he bow to public pressure, or just realize it would cost too much?

Gene Simmons Abandons Effort to Trademark the Devil’s Horns Hand Sign


It’s rare you’ll ever see Gene Simmons tuck his tail underneath his legs and retreat, but that’s exactly what’s happened following the uproar surrounding his effort to officially trademark (an incorrect version of) the devil’s horns hand sign: Simmons has withdrawn his trademark application.

Late last night (June 21), the status of Simmons’ request on the United States Patent and Trademark Office was updated to “DEAD/APPLICATION/Withdrawn/Abandoned,” further indicating it was “abandoned because the applicant filed an express abandonment.”

While it’s possible the public backlash and Wendy Dio’s appalled response got to him, I’d say it’s more likely that ol’ Gene simply realized the whole effort would cost a lot more money than he’d originally imagined with the potential for legal fees to stack up quickly. Better to focus his efforts on pure cash cows such as KISS coffins and the like.

Gene Simmons is still an idiot, though, and we can surely look forward to more of his buffoonery very, very soon.

[via Loudwire]

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