Finally: Nickelback Fans Explain Why They Love the Band


The intrepid journalists at Vice’s Noisey were some of the first to venture inside the Gathering of the Juggalos to show us all that hey, maybe these people aren’t as bad/weird/fucked up as we thought they were! And now they’ve done the same for fans of Canada’s national treasures, Nickelback, and… well, while the feature certainly humanizes Nickelback fans, you’re still gonna wanna use the word “douche” liberally.

The most surprising thing about this video is how young Nickelback’s fanbase skews: I would’ve expected a lot more folks in their 30s, 40s or possibly even older, but everyone interviewed is firmly 20-something. Perhaps we can chalk that up to this particular show taking place in Canada — where Nickelback are more widely accepted than in the U.S. — or perhaps Vice were simply selective with who they interviewed and/or decided to include in the final feature. Either way, these folks are absolute fanatics and once and for all settle the question of who, exactly, likes Nickelback, since no one ever seems to encounter real live Nickelback fans in the wild!

Best of all, Vice asks Nickelback fans who THEIR Nickelback is, some band they completely revile. The answers are kinda shocking, except… actually, no, not that shocking. Watch:

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