Shit That Comes Out Today: July 21, 2017

  • Phil Boozeman

I am going to completely disregard what I originally planned on writing here because damn does Game of Thrones have me all horned up right now. From the mass murder in the first scene, to the horde of White Walkers and wights (now with giants!), to being in a foul mood from experience, it just feels good to have Sundays mean something again, because football isn’t back yet. So while I scour the internet to obsess over every fan theory out there, check out some new tunes to keep you busy until the next episode hits. Oh, and for the record, I’m on Team White Walker.


Decrepit Birth
Axis Mundi (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with Diskreet, Necrophagist and Aborted
Listen: “Epigenetic Triplicity”

Going off their past works, I had some pretty high hopes for Decrepit Birth’s first album in seven years. Polarity was absolutely sick but the band have ditched the melodic parts and gone back to their roots of the tech death spectrum like they did in …And Time Begins. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but the album just sounds too similar to all the rest of the tech death out there at the moment, and the songs on the album don’t really stick out from each other. You can head over to my review for more details and then argue with me in the comments section either here or there.


The Forest Seasons (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with Ensiferum, Equilibrium and Kalmah
Listen: Some fucking samples because there are no singles

Wintersun have been in the news for the fucking absurd amount of money they have managed to crowdfund for not only this album, but also to build their own studio in which to record it. As of now, their IndieGoGo page reports that they have raised a staggering €464,330 (about $540,000), which means that the band crushed the previous crowdfunding record held by Protest The Hero. So how does the album sound? I don’t know because Wintersun haven’t release any damn singles! Our friends at Metal Injection don’t seem to think very highly of it, but as always, it’s up to you to decide.


In This Moment
Ritual (Atlantic/Roadrunner Records)
On a playlist with Halestorm, Butcher Babies and Papa Roach
Listen: “Oh Lord”

I have absolutely never understood what the appeal behind this band is. Maybe it’s because when “Blood” came out, I was still delivering pizzas and the one decent radio station I had to listen decided that it was the only song they needed to play for about two weeks. Maybe it’s just because I think that Maria Brink’s voice is annoying or maybe I’m just salty because they aped the name of an incredible album by The Black Dahlia Murder. Either way, I cannot stand In This Moment and I would really love it if someone who does like them could tell me what the deal is in the comments.

trappedundericeTrapped Under Ice
Heatwave (Pop Wig Records)
On a playlist with Turnstile, Toe to Toe and Iron Mind
Listen: “No Relief”

Trapped Under Ice are the hardcore punk band that I never new I needed in my life and I have to confess, it’s almost bad that I just found out about them now that I have a day job where I sit in a cubicle for nine hours a day. Why? Because listening to Trapped Under Ice makes me want to stomp up and down my row two-stepping and throwing elbows at everyone in a 30 foot radius. I’ve already been sent to HR once, Trapped Under Ice. Why you gotta do me like this?

shatteredsunShattered Sun
The Evolution Of Anger (Victory Records)
On a playlist with Fit For A King, Sworn In and The Amity Affliction
Listen: “Burn It Down”

Stop the fucking presses because I might have found a metalcore band that I actually like. I would not go so far as to say this album is the angriest thing I’ve ever heard or that anger evolved because of it. However, it would appear that at least one metalcore band out there took my advice and ditched the high-pitched, whiny clean singing, generic breakdowns and instrumental fills and actually decided to write some metalcore that doesn’t sound the way Samwell Tarly looks.

As Paradise Falls Digital Ritual (Eclipse) listen
Cytotoxin Gammageddon (Unique Leader) listen
Death Card Damage Swing (Innerstrength Records) listen
Ded Mis-An-Thrope (Suretone) listen
Gateway To Hell Clovers (Unholy Anarchy Records) listen
Hull The Legend Of The Swamp Goat (7″) (Iron Orchestra Works LLC) listen
Iron Maiden Death On The Road (Vinyl) (Warner Music) listen
Iron Maiden En Vivo! (Vinyl) (Warner Music) listen
Iron Maiden Flight 666 (Vinyl) (Warner Music) listen
Iron Maiden The Final Frontier (Vinyl) (Warner Music) listen
Livid (MN) Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes (Prosthetic) listen
Nine Inch Nails Add Violence (Digital) (The Null Corporation) listen
Nucleus / Macabra Fragmented Self (Metalhit.com) listen
Pathology Pathology (Comatose Music) listen
Porcupine Tree Up The Downstair (Vinyl) (Kscope) listen
Projected Ignite My Insanity (Rat Pak Records) listen
Prospekt The Illuminated Sky (The Laser’s Edge) listen
Soul Remnants Ouroboros (eOne Music/Lifeblood Inc.) listen
Sun Of The Sleepless To The Elements (Prophecy Productions) listen
Tau Cross Pillar Of Fire (Relapse) listen
The Kindred Weight (Digital) (Sumerian) listen
The Tangent The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery (Inside Out) listen
To Speak Of Wolves Dead In The Shadow (Solid State) listen
Vanish From Sheep To Wolves (Outerloop Records) listen
Wilderness Dream Paralysis Rise (N/A) listen

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