Crossfaith’s New Website Will Measure and Reward Your Headbanging


I’m not much of a Crossfaith fan, although I know our former podcast co-host, Godless, loved ’em. In any case, I have to give them props for coming up with an original way to promote their new EP, Freedom. I’m not sure if this is a good way to promote the EP. I’m just saying, I haven’t seen it before.

The PR stunt in question? A new website, makeitmetal.jp, which tracks your headbanging via use of your webcam. Seriously. It even shows a warning first, instructing players who “feel unwell” to stop headbanging and just go directly to the pre-order page.


When you headbang, the site plays a “Diavolos,” a new song from the EP; when you stop headbanging, this happens:


Start headbanging again quickly enough, and the track starts up again; stop for too long, and you’ll have to begin all over again (and you won’t get to hear the end of the song). I didn’t make it all the way through because the track didn’t sufficiently motivate me (which is to say, I did not go directly to the pre-order page), but according to The Verge, if you do make it to the end, “the website grants you artwork and a headbang count.”

Crossfaith fans: are you into this or nah? Everyone else: is this dumb or nah? Nahg each other in the comments section below.

Thanks: Josh B.

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