Goddamned Animals are Really Goddamned Good (For Fans of These Arms are Snakes)


I’m not sure why a full review of Goddamned Animals’ sophomore effort My Second Cult Suicide appeared yesterday on Lambgoat — I, nor likely you, have ever heard of this band — but the headline “Every Time I Die Meets These Arms are Snakes?” pulled me right the fuck in… and completely delivered on its promise.

There’s been a massive These Arms are Snakes-sized hole in my heart ever since that band split up in 2009, and Goddamned Animals fill up that gaping chasm just perfectly. From the very first notes of the titular album opener you know it’s on: a driving beat, thumping low end and angular, wailing guitars. And vocals by a man listed simply as “Steve” on the Goddamned Animals Bandcamp — mmmmmwah! Perfect. These Arms reincarnate!

To say Goddamned Animals are simply a TAAS knockoff wouldn’t be fair; they’ve got their own thing going, too, of course. Listen to My Second Cult Suicide below and find out for yourself. I’ll be spinning it all goddamned day.

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