Haemorrhage’s “Nauseating Employments” Offers Pulverizing Deathgrind, is Not About Being in Rings of Saturn

  • Axl Rosenberg


On October 6, Madrid’s Haemorrhage will unveil We are the Gore, their 128th release to date (I’m exaggerating, but barely). This band has always been on the cutting edge — they were wise enough to deliberately misspell their name a decade before anyone else was thinking about SEO — but We are the Gore‘s lead single, “Nauseating Employments,” takes the very phrase ‘cutting edge’ quite literally. Which is to say, it’s the latest entry into the niche subgenre of deathgrind songs about autopsies and morticians.

The song will absolutely turn your sexual organs to dust. But I feel like it would be way creepier if the lyrics weren’t about a job involving gore, but, rather, about a job wherein you have to sell your soul. Y’know, like going to work for Dave Mustaine or some shitty deathcore band.

ANYHOOZLE, you can, and should, check out “Nauseating Employments” below. Then pre-order We are the Gore here.

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