More News on a Potential Reunion of The Human Abstract

  • Axl Rosenberg

This is probably not going to cool any rumors of an impending reunion of The Human Abstract.

Last week, we learned that guitarist Dean Herrera and bassist Henry Selva have been hanging out, instruments in hand. Then, over the weekend, vocalist Travis Richter revealed that he, too, has been in the loop:


‘Brett,’ of course, is Brett Powell, the band’s drummer.

This means that 4/5ths of the band have been together in a partial configuration twice in the past week. The only member of the band we have yet to hear about, in fact, is guitarist A.J. Minette. If the reunion is really happening, it’s hard for me to imagine Minette not being on board. Otherwise it might feel a bit like if Faith No More had reunited without Billy Gould… something would just seem off, right?

Anyway, stay tuned. Hopefully we have more concrete info soon.

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