Enlarge "The Nazis and the KKK have unhooded themselves."

Tom Morello: “They’ve Taken Off the Hoods in the Oval Office”


Tom Morello and Chuck D. will be fighting for social justice from beyond the grave; that’s how dedicated they are. I love these guys to pieces, even if the music they’re putting out with Prophets of Rage is whatever.

inb4 “But they’re fucking sellouts!” Read this.

The latest: in an interview with Uproxx, the duo had some provocative — but on point, as always — things to say in response to the recent events in Charlottesville, including this Morello truth bullet:

“Resistance to injustice happened before Donald Trump, it’ll happen during Donald Trump, it’ll happen after Donald Trump. So, it’s, like, can it get worse? Of course it can get worse. The Nazis and the KKK have unhooded themselves, because they’ve taken off the hoods in the Oval Office, so they feel more comfortable taking off the hoods on the streets.”

And isn’t that exactly it? The lack of condemnation by our racist, bigot, incompetent fuckwad of a president has emboldened thousands of people with hateful views to take to the streets. That’s why Charlottesville happened. There is blood on Trump’s hands.

Watch the rest of the interview below. Prophets of Rage are on tour right now.

[via Loudwire]

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