Listen to a Previously Unreleased Track Featuring the Late Lemmy Kilmister


From beyond the grave, we have new music from our beloved and very much missed Lemmy Kilmister! The track is a duet with Annie Marie Lewis of Elvis Presley’s “Trying to Get to You” and is featured on Lewis’s upcoming collaborative album with Danny B. Harvey. Harvey was in HeadCat (formerly The Head Cat) with Lemmy from 1999 until Lemmy’s death in 2015, and had this to say about the track to Blabbermouth.net:

Lemmy and I first discussed doing this duet about a year before he died when we were talking about how ‘Trying To Get To You’ would make a great country/ rock and roll duet because it’s a rockin’ love song. HEADCAT had recorded and released the song twice but there was also a third version that Lemmy loved his vocal take on but didn’t like our backing track as much. I told him I could fix it up and add Annie‘s vocal. As a lark, I did a rough mockup of it and played it for him during our second to last HEADCAT show in January 2015. He loved it and told me to ‘proceed with caution’ and laughed. He never got to hear the final version because he passed away before I could play it for him. I had it with me the last time I hung out with him, at his seventieth-birthday celebration two weeks before he died, but because of the circumstances of the birthday celebration, with all his friends [there], his being tired and not feeling well, we discussed it briefly but I never got to play it for him. Two weeks later, he passed without me getting to play it for him. After a year of deciding what to do with the duet, I decided to release it in time for the fortieth anniversary of Elvis‘s passing. Since it came out two weeks ago, it’s been well received and I know Lemmy would have loved it, him being such a big fan of Jerry Lee and Elvis.”

It’s too bad Lemmy himself couldn’t hear the finished product, but surely his prolific career provided plenty of solace for him at the end of his days. If not, I’m sure there were plenty of drinks and women available for comfort.

You can order the CD directly from Harvey’s site here. Check out the song below.


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