Corey Taylor Says Stone Sour’s “Fabuless” is Aimed at the Kardashians


When Stone Sour released then-new single “Fabuless” this past spring, our own literary scholar Axl Rosenberg mused that “there’s clearly some commentary on modern rock culture going on here.” That assessment was based on just one quick listen before writing up the post about the single, but it turns out he wasn’t far off at all: in a recent interview with ABMY [transcribed by Ultimate Guitar], frontman Corey Taylor explains that the song is about the metal world’s favorite targets-in-chief, the Kardashians.

Says Taylor:

“God, there are so many shows that fill me with so much hate and anger. It’s why I try not to watch too much television anymore. But obviously the one that [‘Fabuless’] is really aimed towards is ‘The Kardashians.’ Because it’s story of being famous for nothing. It’s like, name one thing that those people on that show did. Their father did something, but they themselves, not even close. It’s the new celebrity, the Tupperware celebrity. They look great but on the inside – there’s nothing there.”

The Kardashians, of course, have quite a controversial relationship with metalheads, with multiple members of their clan having been spotted wearing metal t-shirts, much to the ire of the metal community.

Check out “Fabuless” below. Stone Sour’s latest album Hydrograd is out now; stream it in full here.

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