Myrkur Releases Cover of Traditional Nordic Folk Song “De Tre Piker”

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’m not familiar with the traditional Nordic folk song “De Tre Piker,” and, somewhat oddly, I can’t seem to find another recording of it online. Oh, well: Myrkur’s version is gorgeous (that fiddle!), and if it’s the only iteration of the song some of us get to hear, I think that’s fine.

One thing to keep in mind before hitting ‘play’: much like Myrkur’s recent single “Två Kongunbarn,” this song is not even remotely metal. Like, any of you who get pissed that we cover Chelsea Wolfe will probably be really averse to this track, which, if it were only Celtic instead of Nordic, wouldn’t be entirely out of place on, say, a Chieftains record. But I think every fan who doesn’t have his or her stuck up his or her ass will enjoy this.

Check out “De Tre Piker” below. The track will appear on Myrkur’s new album, Mareridt, which comes out September 15 via Relapse, and can be pre-ordered here. You should also check out our recent podcast interview with Ms. Myrkur herself  Amalie Bruun!

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