Shit That Comes Out Today: September 1, 2017


Mayweather vs. McGregor was a lot better than we all thought it was going to be. Being the Boozeman that I am, I threw a kegger and somehow managed to fit 50 fucking people into my living room to watch the fight. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re shocked that I have 50 friends, let alone five. I’m just as surprised as all of you are that people showed up because honestly I was looking forward to drinking an entire keg to myself. But whatever, sometimes you have to be friendly no matter how antisocial you’d rather be while watching two dudes beat the shit out of each other. This week sucks for releases by the way, but there are a few gems, so get busy and get listening.

Under Cöver (Motörhead Music)
On a playlist with…. this should be self-explanatory
Listen: “Heroes”

Don’t get too excited, folks. We all wish we could hear a new Motörhead album, but this is just a cover album. I mean, that’s still exciting I guess, but we all want Lemmy to come back from the dead and keep rocking. Unfortunately, we all also know that will never happen so Under Cöver will just have to do in the mean time. We’ve got covers of Metallica, Judas Priest, The Ramones and David Bowie. Well maybe that is pretty exciting after all. So if you’re still missing the almighty god of Jack and Coke, pick up Under Cöver and treat yourself. You’ve earned it, or whatever.

Codex Omega (Prosthetic)
On a playlist with Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Black Dahlia Murder and Rotting Christ
Listen: “3rd Testament”

In case you’ve never listened to Septicflesh, then allow me to describe them to you. They are good. Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, fucking good. As far as melodic/symphonic death metal goes, these guys don’t fuck around and they are easily in the upper echelon of the subgenre. Anyone who likes symphonic metal absolutely needs to check these dudes out if you have somehow managed to avoid them for your entire metal career. And if my testimony doesn’t convince you, then here is a hand fart cover of their song “Anubis”.

theconvalescenceThe Convalescence
This Is Hell (Unique Leader)
On a playlist with Beside the Silence, So This Is Suffering and Mobile Deathcamp
Listen: “Scum”

Believe it or not, I’ve listened to you guys when you told me that you want to see me trash stuff less. However, I feel the need to cover this band because they do a lot of things that deathcore bands should NOT do. With the generic breakdowns, the unnecessary black metal attire and pandering to basically every stereotype deathcore has, I can’t see why this band ever came to exist. Seriously, it’s not that the overly misogynistic stuff offends me, it’s just that by this point, deathcore songs and music videos about slut murder are just fucking lame. Nothing will ever beat “Vicer Exciser” and “Whore To A Chainsaw” when it comes to deathcore written about skanks, so if all you deathcore bands could find something more original to make music about, that’d be rad.

paradiselostmedusacdParadise Lost
Medusa (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with Katatonia, Tiamat and Anathema
Listen: “The Longest Winter”

This is the slowest album you will listen to all week, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone considering Paradise Lost have been doing this for 15 albums now. Personally, I’ve always had a hard time getting into doom metal because I just don’t have the attention span for it, but hey, this stuff isn’t terrible and just because it’s doom metal doesn’t mean it has to be an hour long before the first note is even hit. If anything, I might start using doom metal to help me sleep because I know that when I try to focus on something and fail, I just fall asleep instantly. It gets me in trouble at my day job a lot and it was also the first time I realized I didn’t like going to church.

Every Country’s Sun (Rock Action/Temporary Residence Ltd.)
On a playlist with Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Rós and Arab Strap
Listen: “Coolverine”

Mogwai are the kind of band that you listen to when you trip, end up thinking waaaaaay too hard about something, figure out a whole bunch of shit that you aren’t supposed to and then panic about until you come down and realize that you’re a different dude. For example, one time I figured out what the most important letter of the alphabet was — it’s L — and although I wasn’t tripping or listening to Mogwai at the time, this music makes me think back to that time where I figured out a problem that the world didn’t even know it had. If you’ve never listened to these dudes, I’m not going to tell you what they sound like. Just dive in and you’ll come out a changed person.

Across The Atlantic
Works Of Progress (SharpTone Records) listen
Alazka Phoenix (SharpTone Records) listen
Anubis Gate Covered In Black (Nightmare Records) listen
Blindwish Good Excuses (Rise Records) listen
Epica The Solace System (Nuclear Blast) listen
Monster Magnet Spine Of God (Reissue) (Napalm Records) listen
Monster Magnet Tab (Reissue) (Napalm Records) listen
Nine Inch Nails Add Violence (Vinyl/CD) (The Null Corporation) listen
Nine Inch Nails Not The Actual Events (CD) (The Null Corporation) listen
Ophthalamia A Journey In Darkness (Vinyl) (Peaceville) listen
Paradise Lost Medusa (Nuclear Blast) listen
Paradise Lost One Second (20th Anniversary) (Music For Nations) listen
Soften The Glare Making Faces (N/A) listen
The Number Twelve Looks Like You Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear. (Vinyl) (Silent Pendulum Records)  listen
Totengott Doppelganger (Roadburn Productions) listen
W.A.S.P. Live In The Raw (Vinyl) (Madfish) listen
White Moth Black Butterfly Atone (Vinyl) (Kscope) listen

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