Listen to Primitive Man’s Slow, Deadly New Song “Commerce”


Primitive Man’s newest single, “Commerce,” is arduous. It pummels you with long arching strokes, it breaks you apart with breaching notes, and the culmination of all of the band’s efforts shatters your bones and leaves you writhing and gasping for air on the floor. This is Primitive Man’s realization of their power; a deep brooding rage that requires a slow burn to communicate its fury.

Listening to “Commerce” is an uphill battle one cannot win. It’s long and never feels like it has truly reached an ending or a point to settle on; it just waits for you to begin again and struggle up the hill even further. Both singles from Primitive Man’s upcoming album Caustic beat you with a slow and deadly punch, bringing in more of a black metal influence than on the band’s past work, which vocalist/guitarist Ethan McCarthy acknowledges in an interview with Decibel Magazine.

Listen to “Commerce” below. Caustic will be out on October 6th via Relapse, and you can pre-order it here.

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