Decapitated’s Attorney: “There is another side to this.”


All four members of Decapitated currently await extradition to Spokane after being arrested in Los Angeles on a charge of kidnapping. The incident allegedly took place after the band’s show in Spokane, WA on August 31st, but the band was not arrested until after last night’s show in Santa Ana, CA.

The Spokesman-Review, which first reported the incident earlier today, has updated their original article to include new information from an attorney hired by the band, Steve Graham, who has gone on record to defend them:

“Defense attorney Steve Graham of Spokane said he was hired by the band on Thursday after they became aware of the investigation.

“There is another side to this,’ he said. ‘We have witnesses that can testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit band of her own free will and left on good terms.’

“He said he told police that the band members had offered to surrender but never heard anything back. ‘I made it clear that I could get the guys up here ASAP and they would cooperate,’ he said.

“Graham said he’s concerned that they will ‘languish’ in the Los Angeles County Jail for weeks before being returned to Spokane, but said the four will not fight extradition and will return to Spokane willingly.”

Without knowing all of the facts, it’s incredibly difficult to pass judgment here.

The culture of victim blaming in the world today is absolutely horrendous; the comments we’ve seen on our post earlier today and elsewhere accusing the woman of making this story up for attention, being a groupie, a slut, or worse, are horrible, shameful and embarrassing, to put it mildly. It’s not difficult to imagine what began as a consensual encounter turning into something other than that. On top of that, the attorney’s statement says nothing about what happened between the time the victim arrived and left her visit with the band.

On the other hand… we simply don’t know what happened, and we’ll need to let the process play out in the court of law to find out. There are any number of ways events that took place could have been misconstrued.

We will continue to post updates as we get them.

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