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Annihilator Announce New Album, Debut First Single



Aare proof that one minor success can somehow fuel an entire career. Nearly thirty years after its release, Alice in Hell remains the band’s only decent album (and by “the band’s only decent album,” I mean “mastermind Jeff Waters’ only decent album” — the other musicians currently filling out the roster look like they may not yet have been conceived when Alice was released). And yet here we are, still talking about them. Granted, here we are still talking about them because it’s a slow news morning and I’m bored, but still. They didn’t even enjoy a brief resurgence thanks to a funny documentary like Anvil did. They are coasting entirely on fond memories of Alice.

I know that seems harsh, but seriously: listen to their new single, “Twisted Lobotomy.” It is metal’s answer to a pretzel without salt or mustard. You’ve tasted worse things, but you’re not exactly gonna run out and tell all your friends about this amazing meal you had. I’ve listened to it three times already, and the only thing memorable about it is the lyrics. Which are not memorable as a result of their quality:

The war inside my brain
Help me stop the pain
Torture in the head
All I see is dead

Those lyrics are not very good. I hope this is well understood. Just because words rhyme does not mean they’re worth a dime.

Have a few laughs at the expense of “Twisted Lobotomy” below. The song will appear on Annihilator’s sixteenth album, For the Demented, which comes out November 3 via Neverland Music/Silver Lining Music.

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