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The Contortionist Vocalist Michael Lessard on The MetalSucks Podcast #205


The MetalSucks PodcastThis week we talk to The Contortionist vocalist Michael Lessard. We discuss the band’s new record Clairvoyant and the pressure of following up their critically acclaimed previous album Language, the role producer Jamie King plays in helping to craft the band’s music, negativity from the band’s fans on Facebook, his passions for video work and MMA, and much more.

Pete and Brandon then share some sad news and introduce you all to the new co-host of The MetalSucks Podcast, Jozalyn Sharp. We explain the reason behind this week’s late episode, and immediately follow that with the shocking news of the kidnapping and gang rape charges against Decapitated. We attempt to look at all perspectives and viewpoints and the unfortunate aftermath for our scene.

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The Contortionist – “Return to Earth”
The Contortionist – “Absolve”

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