Former Darkest Hour Bassist Returns with Hewolf

  • Axl Rosenberg

Paul Burnette has been under the radar since parting ways with Darkest Hour in 2012 after a decade with that band (he played on many of their most famous albums, including Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation and Undoing Ruin). But now Burnette is stepping back into the spotlight as both the bassist and vocalist for a new project called Hewolf.

Wisely, Burnette and his bandmates, Johnny Throckmorton (guitar and vocals) and Erik Josephson (drums and vocals), are not going for a ‘Even Darkerest Hour’ vibe. In fact, the only thing Hewolf really has in common with Burnette’s old band is that it’s loud and has magnetic hooks. Their newly-released, self-titled EP offers five raucous brawlers that alternately channel Badmotorfinger-era Soundgarden (“Past Shadows,” “Let You In”), Sabbath and their various acolytes (“Cut to Pieces,” “Soul Shaker”), and even, dare I say it, the heavier side of hair metal (“Savor the Sin”). Spoiler alert: the trio is equally adept at all three styles. This is good shit!

Check out Hewolf’s EP below. You can purchase it for the price of your choosing on Bandcamp. And be sure to follow Hewolf on Facebook for future updates, too!

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