Shit That Comes Out Today: September 15, 2017

  • Phil Boozeman

It has been a busy week in the Boozeman wing of the MetalSucks mansion. I’ve been working on editing my vocal lessons with The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad, working on an album review for some new shit from Winds of Plague (surprise, they still exist), and writing this weekly column of releases for all of you loveable shitheads who hate my taste in music anyway. So basically what I’m getting at is that you’ll be seeing slightly more things from me, which means even more opportunities to tell me how awful I am. But you know what isn’t awful? The new music coming out this week. This is probably the strongest release week we’ve had in long while so eat this shit up, folks.

Totenritual (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with Behemoth, Marduk and Dark Funeral
Listen: “Baphomet”

Belphegor are one of the first band names that come to my mind when I feel like spitting out a metal band name that will put a concerned look on people’s faces. It works especially well in church. The eleventh album around is just another time around I suppose, because although the lyrics look like they’ll be your typical brand of Belphegor blasphemy, the music itself is top notch. So what’s the solution? Listen to the lyric video while it’s in the background. That’s how I manage to cope with August Burns Red. And if you told me I would be writing about Belphegor and August Burns Red in the same paragraph this week, I would’ve told you that you were insane.

Ensiferum - Two PathsEnsiferum
Two Paths (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with Wintersun, Amon Amarth and Moonsorrow
Listen: “Way of the Warrior”

Not a whole lot else needs to be said about Ensiferum other than epic folk metal. Seriously, it’s hard not to imagine these guys and Amon Amarth in a longboat together sailing off to murder murder and pillage their way through England and take all their gold on the way out. If the idea of that doesn’t excite you, than Ensiferum’s Two Paths is probably not for you because this album is going to be way more fun than a loser like you can handle. On the other hand, if you’re having too much fun, cranking Ensiferum are a fantastic tool for clearing people out of a house party.

thecontortionistThe Contortionist
Clairvoyant (eOne Music)
On a playlist with Between the Buried and Me, Periphery and TesseracT
Listen: “Reimagined”

The first and only time I saw The Contortionist was when they opened for After The Burial back in…. I don’t fucking know, 2010 I think. Their stage presence wasn’t exactly what I would’ve called exciting, but by god I would’ve had no way of telling if they were live or not if I weren’t actually there. They were that good. But the first thing you should know about the newest effort from The Controtionist is that this is not nearly as heavy as their previous stuff. However, the rest of what The Contortionist are is still there though. The music is deep, and the songwriting is great, but for all intents and purposes, this record could be played on the radio.

prophetsofrageProphets Of Rage
Prophets Of Rage (Prophets of Rage/Concord)
On a playlist with Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy
Listen: “Living In The 110”

You kind of have to wonder if even though Paul Ryan loves Rage Against The Machine, he is a pretty big part of the machine that they have been raging against for all of these years. Same case for Prophets Of Rage. I’m sure these guys are right up Paul Ryan’s alley, but again, he is part of what the prophets are raging at too. He might be a jackass, but he’s definitely not dumb. So whatever. The moral of this is that if you like Rage Against The Machine, then you’ll probably like this project too.

With All Their Might (Unique Leader)
On a playlist with Hour of Penance, The Amenta and Whoretopsy
Listen: “Traitors in the Palace”

Dyscarnate come from the gloomiest fucking corner of death metal that exists.
Their music is absolutely soul-crushing and depressing in the best kind of way. It’s the kind of music that you play when you want people to know there’s a black cloud hanging over your mood and you want to be left alone. I don’t think I’ve even heard a better use for church bells in a metal song in a long, long time. But what I do know is that Dyscarante fucking kick ass and this album is going to kick ass too. I am incredibly excited for this record and you should be too. You can also see them on the Bloodletting North America XI Tour, which just so happens to kick off 10/20 in none other than Kansas fucking City. You can bet your sweet ass I’ll be there stirring up the pit.

Abbath (Vinyl) listen
Between The Buried And Me Colors (Vinyl) (Craft Recordings) listen
Biblical  The City That Always Sleeps (Tee Pee/New Damage) listen
Blackfinger When Colors Fade Away (M-Theory Audio) listen
Caligula’s Horse In Contact (InsideOut Music) listen
Cripper Follow Me: Kill! (Metal Blade) listen
Darkthrone Dark Thrones And Black Flags (Vinyl) (Peaceville) listen
Enisum Seasons Of Desolation (Avantgarde) listen
Fleshkiller Awaken (Facedown Records) listen
Gigan Undulating Waves Of Rainbiotic Iridescence (Willowtip) listen
Hell In The Club See You On The Dark Side (Frontiers) listen
Hot Water Music Light It Up (Rise) listen
I, The Dreamer Shadow Hearts (Standby) listen
Josh Todd & The Conflict Year Of The Tiger (Century Media) listen
Kee Of Hearts Kee Of Hearts (Frontiers) listen
Mudvayne The End Of All Things To Come (15th Anniversary) (Vinyl) (SRCvinyl) listen
Myrkur Mareridt (Relapse) listen
Neck Of The Woods The Passenger (Basick) listen
Nothing More The Stories We Tell Ourselves (Better Noise) listen
Pierce The Veil A Flair For The Dramatic (Vinyl) (Equal Vision) listen
SOiL Scream: The Essentials (Pavement Entertainment/AFM Records) listen
Steelheart Through Worlds Of Stardust (Frontiers) listen
Thousand Foot Krutch Untraveled Roads (TFK) listen
Touché Amoré Live At BBC Radio 1 (Epitaph) listen
Vattnet Vattnet (New Damage) listen
Whitechapel The Somatic Defilement (Vinyl) (Metal Blade) listen
Wayward Sons Ghosts Of Yet To Come (Frontiers) listen

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