Track Premiere: Natvre’s, “Early Cvlts”

Artwork by Luca Devinu
Artwork by Luca Devinu

Please don’t ask us why Thessaloniki, Greece-based black metal outfit Natvre’s have an apostrophe in their band name, because we don’t have a clue. Sorry! We can only guess that the ambiguity of choosing not to specify what exactly it is that they possess simply means they possess… EVERYTHING. How trve of them.

Here’s what we do know: their music fucking rips. Part second wave black metal and part ferocious punk and hardcore, their second full-length album, Early Cvlts, is wholly menacing and fierce (they ain’t no glamour boys). It’s real, it’s raw (but not “recorded with a tin can inside an asshole” raw) and it’s earnest, honest and completely lacking in pretension. The band’s performance on the album is super sharp, too; without having seen them live, we can tell that a Natvre’s show would go off equally well in a sweaty basement as in a 3,000 cap amphitheater. It’s dramatic and cinematic, both highly focused and slightly off the rails. In short: it’s black metal the way black metal should be.

Explains the band about the album’s title track, which we’re premiering today:

“This song is what Natvre’s is all about. It’s the song on the album that has the biggest punk influence and it’s a sort of statement against the narcissism and pseudo avant-garde attitude that is quite popular in black metal today. It’s a song about reality and self liberation through following the path that leads to the depth.”

Early Cvlts comes out on October 27th via Argento Records; pre-order here. Listen to another track from the album, “Death of the Earth,” at Cvlt Nation.

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