Former Marilyn Manson Keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy on Singer’s Injury: “I Hope He Suffers”

  • Axl Rosenberg

In case you’re wondering, no, Madonna Wayne Gacy still has nothing nice to say about Marilyn Manson.

Gacy — born Stephen Bier — lasted longer in the industrial shock rock outfit than any other individual member save for the frontman himself. He finally left the band, after nearly twenty years, in 2007, under what we can assume were less-than-amicable circumstances: last year, the keyboardist suggested that Manson should kill himself. So it seems unlikely that he’ll be re-joining the group anytime soon.

Now, on the occasion of Manson somehow managing to hurt himself while performing twice in one weekend (and pretty seriously at least one of those times), Gacy has once again made some less-than-kind statements about his former cohort:

“I guess he was close enough for my black magic to work.

“This is why old wasted people shouldn’t fumble around in the dark.

“If he had broken his ankle [onstage like he was saying the night before the accident], he wouldn’t be walking around like this, that is probably just more of his hyperbole.

“I recall the same excuse being used to cancel a Los Angeles show when all it was was a slightly sprained ankle.

“And anyways, if you’re going to climb the scaffolding, shouldn’t you be doing that during ‘My Monkey‘?

“Well, if it weren’t for the guns, the truss would have actually hit him pretty hard.

“Well, he is pretty famous for turning his wasted mistakes into serendipitous publicity events.

“The converse is also true: he often turns publicity events into wasted mistakes.

“The guns (I assume) were carved out of foam, which is really typical like Ozzy’s demons. And the truss maybe is aluminum. When you’re shipping things around the country you want them to be as light as possible and need as few crew hands as possible to move and set up.

“I’m only 16 miles away [from the venue]. And as the crow flies (or the voodoo works) it’s even shorter than that…

“I forgive him, but I hope he suffers.”

The fact that Manson allegedly broke his ankle one night and was back on stage the next night certainly lends credence to Gacy’s claim that this is all a big publicity stunt. Still, Gacy’s definition of what it means to forgive someone is pretty wonky. I can’t decide if hoping someone suffers is better or worse than hoping they take their own life.

ANYWAY, expect Manson not to respond to this statement because he really has no reason to; rightfully or wrongfully, most of the world has, at this point, forgotten about Gacy, and I suspect Manson is too media-savvy to throw the guy a bone and remind everyone he exists. Although it would be kinda funny if, after twenty years of not playing it live, Manson now added “My Monkey” back into his setlist…

[via ultimate-guitar.com]

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